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eCommerce, digital marketing, social media, eSupport

  1. its’s not a new way of business, it’s a new way of thinking, using a new set of tools, a new approach

  2. putting customers in the driver’s seat - with more information, more choices

  3. making it “insanely” simple for your customers

  4. approaching business problems from your customers perspective

it can change your business for good!


the steelhammer group is a management consulting firm that helps CXO’s realize a full return on their digital and eCommerce investments

it’s no longer just about awareness or conversion, it is all about customer-creation, retention and customer long term value

our approach is based upon the premise that customers and potential customers come to your site and do one of four things; learn, buy, self-serve or leave

we recognize that customers experience your brand in many ways - in person - offline - online - social

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